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Welcome to our gardening club web page.


At Littleport Community Primary School the children really enjoy planting, looking after and harvesting their own vegetables.  Last year we grew potatoes, broad beans, runner beans, courgettes, pumpkins, sweet corn, beetroot, peas and tomatoes and hope to do just as well this year!  Each year group has their own raised bed in the allotment which the gardening club children help to look after, as well as having their own special area by the shed. 


As the club is so popular, unfortunately we have to limit it to 18 children but more children will get the opportunity to join in with school gardening in the future.  It runs on a Thursday after school between 3.15 pm and 4.15 pm and we meet in Owls' classroom. 


Mrs Whittle and Mrs Engels

Gardening Club Blog

Thursday 29th March 2018


We managed one last session of Gardening Club before Easter and worked hard to plant potatoes.  Every class now has their own row of seed potatoes which we carefully labelled so that they won't get dug up (we hope!) next time the weeding is done.  We didn't even need to water them as we had heavy rain just after we finished!

Thursday 2nd March 2017

Gardening Club restarted today and we really enjoyed getting outside in the Spring sunshine.  We worked hard digging, hoeing and barrowing away the weeds and were pleased to see that the well rotted horse manure we added to the beds in October has really worked into the soil.  We even found a brave carrot which got missed in our harvest last year!  Today we planted potatoes in the Y4, Y5 and Y6 allotment beds.

October 2016


We started Gardening Club with lots of eager new members.  We harvested a few potatoes, carrots and tomatoes, also some lettuce left over from the summer.  We also harvested LOTS of enormous marrows!  We have worked hard to clear all the vegetation from the beds and dig them over and have also added manure to enrich the soil.  We have planted some onions and look forward to planting lots more vegetables in the Spring.  Gardening Club will re-start after February half term.

March 2016


After such cold and wet weather, today we enjoyed a sunny and milder afternoon.  We did some digging and raking to prepare the ground and were able to plant potatoes, peas and beetroot.  We look forward to seeing them grow!


We dug some holes so we could plant broad beans, potatoes and onions.  We also planted in the shape of a face cornflowers for eyes and calendula for the mouth.

We have to keep weeding the soil so the plants don't get choked!

In order for our school entrance to look beautiful in the Spring, we planted tulips and daffodils.


25th September

We prepared the soil by clearing out any weeds; digging, hoeing and raking. We then planted onion sets ready for harvest next year.

Thursday 18th September


Gardening Club got off to a great start this year with a new shed, some shiny new tools and 18 keen new members.  We cleared out some of the weeds which had grown over the summer.  Our pumpkin plants needed watering.  Each child planted a broad bean in a pot to start growing at home.  We planted some crocus and narcissus bulbs and are looking forward to seeing the flowers in the Spring.

3rd July

This week, the children worked hard to weed and clear one of the beds so that they could plant some lettuce and celery plants.  They also had to pick out tiny weeds from the other bed! They worked very hard.  We had so many celery and lettuce plants left over, the children took some home so that they could grow their own crops.

26th June

Today was the day that we had to harvest the potatoes. We pulled them out of the ground by their stalks and shook off the dirt. Everyone was given 4 potatoes, 3 pods of peas and a runner bean each. We had so many potatoes that Lisa the cook would use the rest for the school lunches tommorow. Some of us painted plant pots for the summer fair, the rest of us went outside and weeded the allotment. Also someone bought in some banana peels and apple cores for the compost bin.


Caitlin Tabor

The great jobs!

Looking after the crops


From seed to plate