Littleport Community

Primary School

Spread your wings and fly!




In order to foster a sense of community and team spirit within school, children are placed within one of four school teams. They remain in this team throughout their school career, which helps to  create a sense of identity and pride as well as responsibility.


Team Captains and Vice Captains


At the beginning of the Autumn Term, each team votes for a Captain and Vice Captain from the current  Year 6 to lead them for that academic year. The Year 6s are encouraged to give a speech to the children  who are part of their team, explaining why they would make a good Captain or Vice Captain. The children  in that team then vote for who they want to lead them. The Captain and Vice Captain are expected to model  our golden rules and to set a great example to all the children in their team at all times!


Team Captains 2014-15    Watch this space....elections taking place soon.




Captain            Vice Captain  




Captain            Vice Captain  




Captain          Vice Captain  




Captain       Vice Captain