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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Here you will find information about our remote learning during this half term.


If you have any questions or queries regarding remote learning issues then please do not hesitate to contact me. Please note that given the current restrictions, it may take more time than usual to respond to emails sent via the school office. Many thanks for your continued support.


Mrs Dodd, Miss Mellor and Miss Crothers



Remote learning resources w/c 22nd February 2021

  English Maths Phonics Other subject

Introduction to our new story 'Dear Mother Goose.' Click here

  • Activities within video 
  • Find some examples of letters around your house

Recapping 2D shape click here.

  • Draw and label 2D shapes.
  • Make a 2D shape picture.
  • Make repeating patterns with 2D shapes.

Do at least one activity.

Phase 3 click here.

Phase 4 click here.

Phase 5 click here.

RE click here.


Storytime with Mrs O'Dell click here.


Continuing our book 'Dear Mother Goose' Click Here.

  • Label the features of  a letter (Example letter saved below.)

An introduction to 3D shape click here

  • Watch the video and do the quiz on the BBC website (link below). 

Phase 3 click here.

Phase 4 click here.

Phase 5 click here.

Art- Position fruit/vegetables in the style of Arcimboldo and take a photo. Click Here.


Storytime with Miss Mellor click here.


Continue with the story 'Dear Mother Goose.' Click here

  • Activity within video (match the problem letter to the solution letter)

3D shape- click here.

  • Find 3D shapes around your house and sort them into cube, cuboid, cylinder and sphere.
  • Explore which 3D shapes are good for building.

Phase 3 click here.

Phase 4 click here.

Phase 5 click here.


Introduction to the terms street, village, city, country. Click here

  • Fill in the circles listing where you live in terms of street, village, city, country
  • You can also do this for a parent/grandparent who might have lived in a different city/country.


Storytime with Miss Crothers click here.


Continue with 'Dear Mother Goose.' Click here

  • Unjumble the letter by either cutting it up, rewriting it, or recording yourself explaining where the different parts should go.

3D Shape- click here.

  • Complete the worksheet below 'Sorting 3D shape'.

Phase 3 click here.

Phase 4 click here.

Phase 5 click here.


Investigating the ways that we communicate and how this has changed over time. Looking at Alexander Graham Bell's invention. Click here

  • Put the different phones in order on a timeline. If you cannot print the document then you can film yourself explaining where the pictures would go.

Storytime with Mrs Dodd. Click here


Continue with 'Dear Mother Goose' story. Click here

  • Identify what parts of the letters are missing
Complete our '4 a day' warm up questions. Click here.

Phase 3 click here.

Phase 4 click here.

Phase 5 click here.

DT. Click here.

  • Begin making your own lift the flap book.




22.02.21 Phase 5 Phonics Wordsearch

Sorting 3D Shape worksheet 25/02/21

23.2.21 English Letter example for labelling

24.02.21 Geography Where you live

25.02.21 English Jumbled Letter

25.02.21 Phase 4 Phonics Wordsearch

25.02.21 History Timeline of Phones

26.02.21 Phase 5 Phonics Crossword

Remote learning resources w/c 1st March 2021

  English Maths Phonics               Other subject

Continue with 'Dear Mother Goose.' Click here

  • Make a list of ways to help Little Bo Peep

Introduction to positional language. Click here

  • Show positional language with your toys

Phase 3. Click here

Phase 4 Click here

Phase 5 Click here


The Easter Story. Click here


Storytime with Mrs O'Dell. Click here


Continue 'Dear Mother Goose'. Click Here.

  • To begin to write a letter back.

More on positional language and direction. Click here.

  • Complete the sheet below on position and direction.

Phase 3. Click here.

Phase 4.

Click here.

Phase 5.

Click here.

Art Arcimboldo. Click Here.

  • still art drawing using fruit. 

Finish writing your 'Dear Mother Goose' letter. Click here


Positional language and direction. Introducing turns. Click here.

  • Complete the worksheet below- describing turns (it is a challenging one) OR
  • Ask your grown up to call out turns and practise them (like in the video)

Phase 3. Click here.

Phase 4. Click here.

Phase 5. Click here


Introduction to the UK. Click here

  • Find out a fact about the UK or a country in the UK. You can either write this down, film yourself speaking, make a poster or another creative way of telling us this fact/information.
Thursday Introduction to World Book. Click here.

World Book Day.

Click here for the story 'Gigantosaurus.'

Click here for the link to the masterclass and extracts from the World Book Day 'Gigantosaurus' story.

  Click here for some more stories to enjoy.

Tell us something about yourself e.g. 'I am six. I have short hair. I like crisps.'

Click here

4 a day. Click here.

Phase 3, click here.

Phase 4, click here.

Phase 5. Click here


Finish making your lift the flap book. Click here.




Dinosaur colouring pages

Y1 Phase 5 Phonics 03.03.21