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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 


Here you will find information about our remote learning during this half term.


If you have any questions or queries regarding remote learning issues then please do not hesitate to contact me. Please note that given the current restrictions, it may take more time than usual to respond to emails sent via the school office. Many thanks for your continued support.


Mrs Battersby, Mrs Hudson and Mrs McLeish

Class Teachers

  English Maths Phonics (only for children who didn't pass the phonics check)

Spelling and Grammar

(We would recommend completing this lesson before the English lesson as we often practise skills needed!)

Monday 22nd February First click here to listen to our new story, "The Girl and the Dinosaur". Then watch the lesson here Welcome back to a new term of Maths.  Click here for the lesson.   Click here for our first phonics lesson of this half term. Spelling and grammar is here Today we are going to try an online music lesson! Click here for the video and begin to learn a call and response song. 
Tuesday 23rd Feb Before the lesson, please watch the story video again. (Link above). Can you spot whether it is written in past or present tense? Do you notice anything else?  Then watch the lesson video here.  If you would find it easier to have the sentence starters on a sheet, they are available below.  Click here for day two of bar charts. Click here for our next phonics lesson. Click here for spelling and grammar.  We are revisiting some of the science we missed last year in lockdown.  Click here for our first lesson on seasonal change.
Wednesday 24th Click here for English.  Click here for the next lesson in maths. Click here for the next phonics lesson. Click here for spelling and grammar. Click here for today's history lesson on Mary Anning.  Today we are looking at different ways the story of her life has been interpreted.  You might want to re-watch Stone Girl, Bone Girl (link here).  If you are keen to find out more about how fossils were formed, this video will help. 
Thursday 25th Today we are looking at how to put our paragraphs in chronological order. Click here Click here for our next maths lesson. Click here for the next phonics lesson. Here is Thursday's spelling and grammar.

As our English lesson is quite short today, you are lucky enough to have a Mrs Wicker double bill!

Click here for the art lesson.

Click here for the first RE lesson linked to Easter. 

Friday 26th Today we are doing a shared write of a recount based on The Girl and the Dinosaur. Click here Here is our Maths for today.   Click here for our next phonics lesson. Click here for today's spelling and grammar.

Geography lesson - click here for the lesson video. You will need to watch these following videos during the lesson. 

Video 1 - click here. 

Video 2 - click here. 

Video 3 - click here. 


Monday 1st March We're off to the beach to look for fossils!  Grab your spade and some brushes.  Click here to join me.    Click here for Monday's Maths!  Click here for today's phonics lesson. Click here for spelling and grammar. Time for another music lesson! Click here to join in.
Tuesday 2nd March Today we are going to start writing our recount. Click here Click here for our next revision lesson all about subtraction. Click here to see the phonics lesson for Tuesday. Click here for spelling and grammar.

First watch this video to recap our learning from last week.  Next watch this video all about observing the weather.

Then watch the next lesson here.

Wednesday 3rd March Click here to continue our recount.  Click here for our next revision lesson all about multiplication. Click here for the next phonics lesson. Click here for Wednesday's spelling and grammar.  Today we are going to learn about another fossil hunter and will compare him to Mary Anning. Click here.
Thursday 4th March


Please watch Jonny Duddle's author and illustrator masterclass first.  (Click here.)

Click here for our activity based on Jonny Duddle's Gigantosaurus Dino-Spot. More information on dinosaurs to help you with this is here

Remember to spend time today taking part in our competition.  Can you turn a potato into a book character? For more information, see Mrs McLeish's letter, which was emailed out recently.  Don't forget to use your WBD voucher too!  


Mrs McLeish's class - you might also want to watch a short film from Zanib Mian, who wrote the Planet Omar books.  We read one of them together before Christmas. Click here. 

Spend lots of time today reading and enjoying stories!  Here are some of our favourites:-

Mrs Hudson's story time: click here. 

Mrs McLeish's story time: click here.

For Mrs Battersby's stories: click here.

Listen to Mrs Diver's story here.

Friday 5th March Today we are finishing our recount. Click here for the lesson.  Here is our final year 2 Maths lesson.  Click here for our next phonics lesson. Spelling and grammar is here.

Geography lesson click here. 

Video 1 - click here

Video 2 - click here




Wednesday 3rd March - history optional recording sheet

Monday 1st March - English optional planning document

English Tues 23rd optional sentence starters

Year 2 Calculation methods

Geography - blank map of India