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Our Vision and Values

LCPS Vision - 'Spread Your Wings and Fly'


We are a highly inclusive place of learning and we want everyone to become confident life-long learners, who are given the skills, experiences, knowledge and self-confidence to go on in life and succeed in school, at home, in the community, at their next school and throughout life.


Through an engaging, relevant and creative curriculum, combined with exciting and inspirational learning opportunities, we aim to give our pupils a 'love of learning' and 'curiosity about the World' which needs to be nurtured in childhood.


We want our children to have the self-confidence to make mistakes, take risks, solve problems, grow as learners, develop skills, improve their knowledge and communicate well to give them every possible opportunity of being happy, successful, empathetic, global citizens of the twenty-first century.


We are committed to developing an exciting learning community for everyone - where children, families, staff, professionals, governors and the whole community can succeed.


We want everyone associated with our school to be able to 'spread their wings and fly'.


LCPS Values


In February 2014 we revisited our School Values, as part of work about our school logo and motto.


Children thought about the initials 'L.C.P.S' for our school, and came up with words that begin with these letters that sum up what life is all about at Littleport Community Primary School.


We shared the suggestions with Staff, Governors and our elected pupil representatives on the School Council, and everyone voted for the best words.


Finally, our School Values were determined as:


- Learning and Laughing

- Creative and Challenging

- Persevering and Proud

- Self-motivated and Successful


We are very proud of these values, as the words have been created by the whole school community and they sum up perfectly what we want our learning experiences to be like and how we want our pupils to be.


These values underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens and learners for life.

19 February 2018