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From September 2018:



Mr Adam Rivett


Deputy Headteacher

Mr Nick Clark


Assistant Headteacher and Assessment Lead

Mrs Kim Holtby


1 1 Reception Cygnets Mrs Anne Ovens and Mrs Edwina Halls
2 Reception Goslings Miss Katherine Swindells
3 Year 1 Puffins Mrs Dani Dodd
4 Year 1 Starlings Miss Clare Crothers
5 Year 2 Falcons Mrs Esther McLeish
6 Year 2 Robins Miss Jodie Bradford
2 7 Year 3 Seagulls Mrs Theresa Krajewski
8 Year 3 Larks Mrs Julie Pearce
9 Year 3 Chaffinch Mrs Mary Whittle / Miss Alice Armstrong
10 Year 4 Goldfinch Mrs Judy Mathie
11 Year 4 Hawks Ms Diana Chapa
12 (mobile) Year 5 Nightjars Mr George Popplewell
13 (mobile) Year 5 Eagles Mrs Anna Cameron
14 Year 6 Swifts Miss Alison Hoal
15 Year 6 Kingfishers Miss Yvonne Hatchell


Acting Phase Leader (KS1)

Mrs Esther McLeish


Acting Phase Leader (KS2)

Miss Alison Hoal


Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Miss Alice Armstrong


Children’s Inclusion Manager

Mr Steve Parrin


Research School Lead

Mrs Rebecca Pentney


PPA Teachers

Mr Chris Parsons

Mrs Mary Whittle

Mrs Amy Whaley


Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs)

Mrs Samantha Diver

Mrs Tracy Gordon

Mrs Sarah Mason

Mrs Rachel O’Dell

Mrs Wendy Wicker


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Trudy Bibby

Mrs Evelyn Braybrooke

Miss Joanne Bush

Mrs Ivana Devine

Mrs Deb Duffield

Mrs Maureen Frost

Ms Zoe Garner

Ms Donna Hobbs

Mrs Yvonne Langley

Mrs Samantha Law

Mrs Amanda Martin

Ms Paola Rabelo

Mrs Jane Sale

Mrs Jasmine Stanborough

Mrs Amanda Stevens

Mrs Valerie Stubbings

Mrs Janet Swain

Mrs Tina Thurlow

Miss Sarah Wheelan

Mrs Joanne Winters


Office Staff

Mrs Julie Warman        Office Manager

Mrs Karen Freestone   Finance Administrator

Mrs Caroline Wren       Administrator


Midday Co-ordinator

Mrs Deb Duffield


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Tracey Arnold

Mrs Emma Baldwin

Miss Karen Bickley

Mrs Sarah Clark

Miss Heidi Coaker

Mrs Karen Ellis

Mrs Helen Harding

Mrs Amanda Hawkins

Mrs Yvonne Langley

Mrs Sharon Lee

Mrs Gaynor Lomax

Mrs Amanda Martin

Mrs Pat Newman

Miss Laura Turner

Mrs Jo Winters


Site Manager

Mr Lindsay Winters


Cleaner in Charge

Mrs Jo Winters


Cleaning Staff

Mrs Tracey Arnold

Ms Claire Garner

Mrs Helen Harding

Mrs Pat Newman

Miss Caroline Marsh