Littleport Community

Primary School

Spread your wings and fly!


Our EYFS Vision

At Littleport Community Primary School, our vision is to cultivate a nurturing and inspiring setting, where every child discovers the joy of learning through an ambitious curriculum. Our commitment is to empower young minds with the skills, values and confidence in order to thrive as a well-rounded learner in an inclusive environment. Our children are encouraged to take pride in all that they do. In so doing, in EYFS the school’s core values are drivers for our curriculum.


Play is a natural language of children and it is through this that they explore the world, build social skills and develop cognitively. A whole school priority is to improve vocabulary development for all children, our focus in EYFS is to enhance adult-child interactions to extend children’s vocabulary. Therefore, play is at the heart of our ethos and is interwoven throughout our curriculum. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with the children and understand how to capitalise on children’s interests, facilitating meaningful learning experiences so that all children make progress.


Our setting is designed to be a vibrant and engaging space, which we consider to be the ‘third teacher’, fostering curiosity and independence. Our flexible and adaptive spaces accommodate diverse learning styles, allowing each child to progress at their own pace while building essential skills. Our outdoor environment, including our Forest School, also provides a motivating and inspiring context for learning.


Learning opportunities are carefully planned around the interests of the children so they can lead, take ownership and become immersed in their learning. We support the children to develop their skills progressively in exciting, fun and creative ways to achieve the highest standards possible. We provide themes and big questions. For phonics, early reading, writing and maths skills are taught through whole class, small group and one to one sessions and children apply these independently in our setting.

Reading is integral to our Early Years curriculum. We teach reading through phonics using Little Wandle. This approach supports the development of our children as readers and writers. We understand the importance of sharing stories, songs and rhymes so that children have access to powerful, high quality texts throughout their journey in early years.

Teaching early mathematics in the early year’s curriculum is essential for laying the groundwork for a child's cognitive development, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


We prioritize building strong connections with families, recognizing the importance of a collaborative partnership in a child's early years. We welcome parents into our classrooms to experience and gain further understanding of what happens in school and the fundamental role that they play in their child’s learning journey.


By combining a supportive atmosphere with a focus on individualized learning, we aspire to empower every child to reach their full potential and develop a strong sense of self in our early years setting.