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Snack Time & Healthy eating



Snack Time at Preschool

We ask that you provide your child with one item of fruit/snack on their first session of each week.  This will then become part of the communal snack for all children. So throughout the week, your child will be given the opportunity to try many different types of fruit/snack.


One item means 1 bag of apples, or 1 bunch of banana’s, not just 1 piece of each fruit.


Yes please…                                                                       No thank you…  


Apples                             Pears                                              Chocolate                       Nuts

Bananas                          Strawberries                                Crisps                               Raisins

Blueberries                    Oranges                                         Biscuits                            Sweets

Tangerines                     Pineapple                                     Grapes                               Popcorn

Raspberries                   Carrot                                            

Cucumber                       Pepper

Celery                               Kiwi

Cheese                             Breadsticks



At snack time your child will be offered a drink of water or milk