Littleport Community

Primary School

Spread your wings and fly!

Our Vision and Values





LCPS Mission Statement

Our commitment is to be an outstanding school for all, where children love to be; gain a lifelong thirst for knowledge; are continually challenged; grow as individuals; empathise fully with others; play a productive role in the local and global community; achieve their full potential and gain the vital skills and confidence to ‘spread their wings and fly’.


LCPS Vision Statement

Our vision is to inspire children to become life-long learners who are aspirational and prepared for the next stages of life.


This is achieved through creating a safe, inclusive and enriched learning environment that nurtures individuality, enhances potential and encourages children to take pride in their achievements.


We value all our stakeholders and provide opportunities to develop and make a positive impact upon our school community. As an ambitious, outward-facing school, we establish and grow collaborative relationships with partners on a local, regional and national level.


LCPS Values

Children thought about the initials 'L.C.P.S' for our school, and came up with words that begin with these letters that sum up what life is all about at Littleport Community Primary School.


We shared the suggestions with Staff, Governors and our elected pupil representatives on the School Council, and everyone voted for the best words.


Our School Values were determined as:


L - Learning and Laughing

C - Creative and Challenging

P - Persevering and Proud

S - Self-motivated and Successful


We are very proud of these values, as the words have been created by the whole school community and they sum up perfectly what we want our learning experiences to be like and how we want our pupils to be.


These values underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens and learners for life.