Littleport Community

Primary School

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School Clubs

There are range of extra-curricular clubs that happen during the school year, run by lots of different school staff! Some clubs happen at lunchtime and some after the school day. Clubs are always publicised and then letters are given out to children who express an interest. Here are some of the clubs that happen during the school year

Lunch Time Clubs

Language Club

Led by Mrs Pearce in her classroom, language club is open on a Monday lunchtime from 12.30 pm until 1.00 pm. Open to children from year 3 to year 6, language club has a different language each week as a focus!


Pop-Up Church

Pop-Up Church is run by volunteers from St George's Church in Littleport on a Tuesday lunchtime from 12.50 pm until 13.30 pm in the activity hall. Each half term Pop-Up Church is open to a different year group.


Fun Circle Games

Open to children in years 1 and 2, fun circle games is led by Miss Swindells and Mrs Pearce on a Wednesday lunch time in the activity hall from 12.30 pm until 1.00 pm.


Football Club 

Football club is offered to each year group throughout the academic year. Led by experienced coaches, the club emphasises sportsmanship, discipline and respect both on and off the pitch.


After School Clubs

School Orchestra

Our School Orchestra is open to any child in KS2 who plays an instrument and also open to staff as well! Led by Prue Ward from Cambridgeshire Music, the school orchestra is also supported by Miss Pyrah and Mr Clark. We started this in autumn 2023 and have been so thrilled with the children who've dedicated themselves to making the orchestra a success! We recently had our national debut at our Christmas Concert and were really excited to show what we had achieved! Orchestra rehearsals are on a Monday after school from 3.15 pm until 4.00 pm. If your child in KS2 is interested in joining then please do contact Mr Clark via the school office.

Young Voices

Young Voices Choir starts in September and runs until January and is open to children in years 4, 5 and 6. We rehearse songs and dances ready for the Young Voices Concert that takes place at the 02 in London, usually early in the spring term. Rehearsals are on a Wednesday afterschool from 3.15 pm until 4.15 pm. Although being part of the choir is free, there are costs attached to singing in the Young Voices Concert - such as the offical T-Shirt and contribution towards the coach. There is also a level of commitment expected if children decide to be part of the choir - we always have taster sessions at the beginning of the term to see if children think it might be something they enjoy! This year we had our largest number of children taking part - 94! Young Voices is led by Mr Clark but supported by lots of staff from across KS2.

Lower School Choir

Lower School Choir starts in January and runs until July. It is open to children in Year 2 and Year 3. From January to March, the choir is limited to 30 spaces on a first come, first serve basis as we rehearse and prepare for the Ely Schools Music Festival at The Maltings in Ely. This is capped by the organisers of the event. There is a level of commitment expected if children decide to take part in the Music Festival. After this, Lower School Choir extends further and is open to all children in Year 2 and Year 3. We then rehearse for our performance at LCPS's Summer Fair. We also like to go out into the community and perform for the residents at the local care home. Rehearsals take place on a Thursday after school from 3.15pm - 4.15pm. Lower School Choir is run by Miss Bean and supported by Miss Jopson. 

Dance Club

Dance Club offers an exciting platform for students to express themselves through movement and music. With a focus on fostering creativity and confidence, the club welcomes dancers of all skill levels. Children will have the opportunity to learn various dance styles, develop their technique and choreograph routines together with an opportunity to perform to staff at the end of each half term. Led by Miss Pyrah and Miss Chapman, and supported by members of the Active Crew, dance club runs for children in years 2-6 throughout the academic year. 

Gardening Club

As the warmer weather and longer days are with us again, we have re-started our gardening club-rebranded as Littleport Landscapers! We have a huge amount of jobs to keep us busy in our Monday afterschool slot: from tidying and weeding our wonderful allotments to getting seeds started in the potting shed, our year 4,5 and 6 students will have lots of opportunity to get their green fingers working again! Alongside Mr. Cooper, Mrs. Grainger and Miss Hatchell, our gardeners will plant a range of seeds in the hope of producing tomatoes, peas, potatoes, and carrots. We will also think about the wider eco-system and plant flowers to encourage butterflies, bees and a plethora of other insects. Alongside the allotments this spring and summer we will be busy tidying, weeding and re-planting other areas of our amazing school grounds. We will keep you posted with developments!

Hockey Club

Hockey Club is a community of students in Year 5 who come together to embrace the thrill of the sport. The club offers a welcoming environment for all levels with a focus on developing hockey skills, fostering teamwork and promoting good sportsmanship. Led by Miss Pyrah, players receive guidance to enhance their technique and develop their understanding of the rules of the game all whilst having fun. Each week they actively practise game play in order to prepare for a hockey tournament against other local schools. 

Netball Club

Netball Club is offered to Year 6 students who gather to embrace the excitement of the fast-paced and strategic sport. Open to all skill levels, this inclusive environment offers the opportunity for children to hone their passing, shooting and defending skills whilst developing their teamwork and understanding of the rules. Led by Mr Lowin and supported by Miss Sennitt, the players weekly participate in a variety of skill based drills and active game play in order to prepare for a netball tournament against other local schools.