Littleport Community

Primary School

Spread your wings and fly!


Welcome to Reception!


Who's Who?


Miss Swindells - Goslings class teacher

Miss Bean- Cygnets class teacher


We are supported by Mrs O'Dell, Miss Wheelan, Mrs Langley, Mrs Law and Miss Jopson and Mrs Jones


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to speak to us on the door! If you need a longer conversation, you are welcome to book an appointment with us either in person or by emailing the school office. Please speak to the class teacher in the first instance, followed by the phase leader if you need further support. 

Phase Leader: Miss Swindells


Parent meetings- Please see letter for the time and date of your meeting. 


When is PE?


PE will be on a: 

  • Monday for Cygnets.
  • Tuesdays for Goslings


This will be indoor PE during the Spring term.



Please make sure your child's hair is tied up and their earrings have been removed before coming to school. 


What should be worn for PE?

The national guidance has always been that no jewellery should be worn in PE. It is not safe to cover earrings/studs/sleepers with tape. 


PE kits should consist of:

·    A  white short-sleeved T-shirt (this must be suitable for physical activity)

·    Black or navy shorts or jogging bottoms (weather dependent)

·    A jumper or pullover (weather dependent)

·    Trainers or plimsolls


We will keep the PE kits in school and send home half-termly for washing.


Please note that our uniform expectations also include PE kits and it is essential that the clothes your child is wearing are suitable for physical activity and sports. 


Please make sure everything is named.


When is Forest School?

Forest School is on a Wednesday for both classes.

Children will arrive at school in school uniform and will wear waterproofs and wellies over the top when going to the Forest. 

We will keep the Forest School kit and wellies in school to be sent home half-termly for a wash (unless we have had an extremely muddy, fun! Or you need it for a rainy weekend). Please make sure everything is named.



Library- Children have the opportunity to visit the library and choose a book


               Goslings- Monday

               Cygnets- Tuesday



We follow Little Wandle Letters and Sounds revised phonics scheme.


Children's books will be changed on a weekly basis. Please ensure that books are in bag when not being read. 

Writing and Literacy activities



The children are expected to know and be able to solve problems with numbers up to 10. They are learning to recognise numbers up to 20, and count beyond 20. 


Other activities that you can continuously do on a daily basis is discussing the day of the week, the month as well as looking at changes in weather. Please see the links an questions below.


How’s the weather? Talk about the type of clothes they need to wear for the type of weather and why.

What day is it? How do you know? What was the day yesterday/tomorrow?

What month is it? How do you know? What happens each month? E.g. Celebrations, traditions, weather.

Gross Motor Skills

Activities at home can include:

  • Running, jumping, hopping etc. outside 
  • Using a bike or scooter
  • Using a ball to play throw and catch games or rolling games to a set target
  • Set up an obstacle course inside or outside
  • Balancing on different body parts (this could be timed using a stop watch or counting out loud!)