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Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage


Summer Activities


If you'd like to try some practical maths activities or take part in our summer reading and writing bingo, please visit Home Learning Help | Littleport Community Primary School ( for ideas.


Phonics Links


We will be adding links to online resources that you can use in supporting your child with their phonics learning.



  • Please click here for a video reviewing the sounds, letter names and actions for the single letters of the alphabet.


Write names daily using the correct letter formation. Please see below in the PDF's titled 'EYFS Letter Formation 2021' to follow the correct letter formation.

Also click here for a video on letter formation (for parents/carers)


Please allow your child to read daily. Use this website to help you find a book that suits your child's ability. Most of you will find lilac, pink or red as the correct band for your child to be able to sound out and read to you.


PhonicsPlay are offering free games to support with remote learning. We are currently on phase two if you would like your child to try any. Please click here.


Click here to visitThe Book Trust website who have provided home learning reading and stories. 

Click here to find free stories for children and choose any that they enjoy!

The Magic Keys also have some free story time books, click here to visit the site.

There is a list of free kindle books on 'good reads' by clicking here.

Click here to find e-books via Cambridgeshire Libraries. 

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).


Counting and ordering numbers 

How’s the weather? Talk about the type of clothes they need to wear for the type of weather and why.

What day is it? How do you know? What was the day yesterday/tomorrow?

What month is it? How do you know? What happens each month? E.g. Celebrations, traditions, weather.

Gross Motor Skills

Activities at home can include:

  • Running, jumping, hopping etc. outside 
  • Using a bike or scooter
  • Using a ball to play throw and catch games or rolling games to a set target
  • Set up an obstacle course inside or outside
  • Balancing on different body parts (this could be timed using a stop watch or counting out loud!)