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Speed Stacking

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Year 5 Trip


Just a few photos from the Year 5 trip to Aylmerton.  They have enjoyed forest sensory trails, woodland treasure hunts, pirate high ropes and den building.  Lots of great team work in action too!



Grafham Water 2016

We have been writing thank you letters to the staff at Grafham Water and it has been great to look back at the experience and take time to reflect.  All the children had a fantastic time and came back with so many stories to tell their friends and family.  There were lots of wonderful moments where children challenged themselves to try new activities or to face their fears.  Some of the activities required lots of perseverance and they all showed that children at LCPS try their best and don’t give up!  Collaboration was a key part of many of the activities and the children really developed their team work skills.  It was lovely to see them encouraging and supporting each other to achieve their goal.  Going away together at the start of year 6 really helped the staff and children to get to know each other and build a positive relationship.  It has also made lots of the children feel more confident.  After all, if you can cycle almost ten miles, build a raft, reach dizzying heights and sail across a reservoir, you can do anything!  Below are (quite a lot of) photos of the four main activities that we hope you enjoy.

Mountain Biking - it's almost ten miles so we really had to persevere. You can see how proud we are of completing this challenge!

High Ropes and Crate Stacking - it was important to use empathy to help us encourage others to do their best in this challenge!

Sailing - Most of us had never tried sailing before so we needed to imitate our instructor and revise our steering to make sure we could sail across the reservoir.

Shakespeare Day

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Shakespeare Day: We are very excited to be holding a Shakespeare Day on Monday 10th October.
2016 marks the 400th anniversary of this world-famous playwright’s death and there have been many events across the country to celebrate him during the year. Now it’s our turn to get involved! During the day, children will have the opportunity to get involved in lots of exciting activities to introduce them to the world of Shakespeare. For example, they might be taking part in drama, art, making puppets or even doing some Tudor cooking! There are some lovely games and activities on the CBBC website at if you would like to explore Shakespeare more with your child at home.
Picture 1 Y1's Midsummer Night's Dream donkey ears!
Picture 2 Y1's Midsummer Night's Dream donkey ears!
Picture 3 Y2 designed a map for a Midsummer Night's Dream
Picture 4 Year 3 finding out more about Shakespeare
Picture 5 Year 4 used drama to discover The Tempest
Picture 6 Year 4 made Caliban puppets
Picture 7 Year 4 made Caliban puppets
Picture 8 Year 5 created their own Romeo and Juliet scenes
Picture 9 Year 5 created their own Romeo and Juliet scenes
Picture 10 Year 6 created artistic representations of Macbeth
Health Week Spring 2016

We had a great week learning about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy. All classes took part in an early morning activity to get their pulse rates going (year 6 even went for an early morning jog!), and also learnt about how to relax through stretching and breathing exercises.

In the afternoon, children had a chance to take part in a variety of activities that promoted healthy eating; healthy bodies and keeping a happy and healthy mind! Have a look at our photos to see some of the things we got up to!

Health Week Spring 2016

Health Week Spring 2016 1 Year 5 enjoying some early morning aerobics!
Health Week Spring 2016 2
Health Week Spring 2016 3
Health Week Spring 2016 4 Mexican Eye models - weaving requires real focus!
Health Week Spring 2016 5 Listening to Mozart helped year 4 to focus
Health Week Spring 2016 6 Year 6 - proud of their achievements!
Health Week Spring 2016 7 De-cluttering the mind through colouring
Health Week Spring 2016 8 EYFS relaxing after lunch!
Health Week Spring 2016 9
Health Week Spring 2016 10 Enjoying nature can help keep our minds healthy
Health Week Spring 2016 11
Health Week Spring 2016 12 A healthy start to the day for EYFS!
Health Week Spring 2016 13
Health Week Spring 2016 14
Health Week Spring 2016 15
Health Week Spring 2016 16
Health Week Spring 2016 17
Health Week Spring 2016 18 Fruity kebabs!
Health Week Spring 2016 19
Health Week Spring 2016 20 Reading is a great way to relax - for all ages!
Health Week Spring 2016 21
Health Week Spring 2016 22
Health Week Spring 2016 23 Year 6 getting ready for their morning jog!
Health Week Spring 2016 24 An early morning jog for year 6...and Mr Clark!
Health Week Spring 2016 25 Learning how to Ceilidh dance
Health Week Spring 2016 26 Dancing is a great way to stay healthy...
Health Week Spring 2016 27 And keep the mind alert!
Health Week Spring 2016 28
Health Week Spring 2016 29
Health Week Spring 2016 30
Health Week Spring 2016 31
Health Week Spring 2016 32

Art Workshop with Carolyn Ash ~ Tuesday 14th October

A child from each class from Year 3 to Year 6 was chosen to take part in a one-off workshop, led by artist Carolyn Ash. The children first drew designs, some of which will be making it onto the finished mural. They then worked collaboratively to attach pieces of glass and pottery to collage the mural, which will be completed Saturday 18th October and will be on permanent display in Welney Wetlands Centre. Please feel free to go along and take a look!


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Conkers at Littleport!

Conkers is a great traditional game, from years gone by, that we encourage at our school.

It's perfect for hand/eye coordination, counting and for keeping warm on those cold Autumn mornings - but most of all it's fun!

After the excitement last year in the local and national press and radio, we are making it a tradition at Littleport. Children are gathering conkers around the village, bringing them in, Mr Winters is helping to drill holes and we're all having a go!

Here are our photos from this Autumn....

Conkers Autumn 2014

Conkers Autumn 2014 1
Conkers Autumn 2014 2
Conkers Autumn 2014 3
Conkers Autumn 2014 4
Conkers Autumn 2014 5
Conkers Autumn 2014 6
Conkers Autumn 2014 7
Conkers Autumn 2014 8
Conkers Autumn 2014 9

Year 6 Grafham Water