Littleport Community

Primary School

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SEMH Support

Social, Emotional and Mental Health Support


Support for social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) at  Littleport Community Primary School is varied and covers the following levels of need:


Tier 1 encompasses quality first teaching that takes place within the class room. Class teachers may put in place additional support strategies such as having a worry monster or arranging check-ins with specific children.


Tier 2 includes in-house referrals for pupils to have ELSA (emotional literacy support) with trained TAs, or classroom staff supporting through a SEMH-based intervention programs such as Zones of Regulation, Starving the Anxiety Gremlin and Volcano in my Tummy.


Tier 3 involves pupils being referred to have therapeutic support with a trained specialist, this could also include deeper family support work. Litteport Community Primary School use the YMCA services for this, which has been well-received by children and parents. We also access the Mental Health Support Team, who support parents and their children with anxiety and behaviour difficulties.


Tier 4 if all the above has not been successful in meeting the pupil's need, then a quality referral to CAMH would be made, including all the evidence of previous SEMH interventions adds weight to the referral. This process differs depending on the age of the child, is for severe needs, and is accessed through the Cambridgeshire YOUnited offer.