Littleport Community

Primary School

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East Cambs & Fenland Evidence Network

Littleport Community Primary School is proud to be one of the founding members of the East Cambs & Fenland Evidence Network.


The network is a group of senior and middle leaders working in schools across East Cambs and Fenland, seeking to shine a light on using evidence–informed approaches, to ensure the best possible outcomes for all our students, particularly those who are disadvantaged. 


We understand the many benefits and challenges of working in rural schools and are keen to support each other in ensuring excellence for all our pupils. We know that evidence is crucial to inform leadership decision-making and that clear, focused implementation planning leads to sustainable change for school improvement. 


It’s not just what we do in our schools that matters, but the way we do it. 


Our network of Evidence Advocates can help support leaders and work alongside colleagues to engage with evidence, to support their school development planning.


 We are currently working in partnership with the DfE and   Meridian Trust to support the Priority Area Project, providing   Implementation Planning training and coaching. Our ‘Evidence   Bites’ series of after-school networking/CPD events bring high   quality educational speakers to teaching colleagues in our rural   area. These informal, professionally energising sessions promote   evidence-informed practice and foster collaboration between  colleagues and schools. 


Our Cambridgeshire EEF Evidence Exploration Partnership with Norfolk Research School begins in early 2024. We are working with the LA, local schools and MATs to identify priorities, co-develop solutions, and engage with the evidence base to meet specific challenges. The partnership draws on best available evidence and local expertise to implement and embed approaches aimed at improving outcomes for all children (especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds).


Find out more about the Evidence Network here: Evidence Network – Using robust evidence and research to inform practice in our schools and classrooms within Fenland & East Cambridgeshire.