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Children In Need

Well we have had a very exciting morning here at LCPS - a visit from Pudsey himself!  


We have had assemblies in the build up to Children in Need to discuss the reasons why we are fundraising for such a worthy cause and the other ways people up and down the country are doing their bit. We highlighted the work that the Rickshaw Challenge team are doing and how the task they are undertaking is not only a physical challenge but a psychological one too. In order to begin to appreciate this, the children have received 'Pudsey Post' each day this week with a different activity to complete that tested their physical and mental skills. We have had word challenges, including tongue twisters, as well as the dreaded planking challenge, which really tested the muscles! The children were hugely excited to have Pudsey turn up in person to deliver the last challenge before the big night on Friday. We hope to raise lots of money on Friday when we dress up in spots for Children in Need.