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Spread your wings and fly!

Littleport at the O2 Arena!

We travelled to  London on Monday 26th January, to take part in the annual Young Voices concert at the O2 Arena. This was the first time we had taken part, and it was a truly memorable day. 40 children made the journey to London with Mrs Newton, Mrs Duffield, Mrs Mason and Mrs Kelley as well as Mr Cattermole. A coach of parents also travelled down in the afternoon to watch and sing along to all of the songs we have been practising for the past few months.

We were sitting really high up, but everyone could see us with our huge school banner! Everyone sang and performed brilliantly in the packed arena. There were thousands of children there from all over the UK, and the view from performers to viewers and viewers to performers was unbelievable! Thanks to everyone who made the long journey to support us, and well done everyone for their wonderful performances! Well done Mrs Newton for organizing it all and for singing so professionally in the special teachers' choir!