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We are a 'good and improving school'!

Ofsted Report March 2015: ‘This is a good and improving school’


We are delighted to inform everyone that the outcome of our March 2015 Ofsted visit was ‘good overall’. The full report can be read here:


Highlights from the report include:


  • ‘The school has a very positive atmosphere…pupils are polite and friendly….they show good attitudes to learning…and they work hard’

  • ‘Pupils achieve well and make good progress; achievement is good and improving’

  • ‘The Headteacher provides very strong leadership and the school is improving very quickly as a result’

  • ‘The two Deputy Headteachers support the Headteacher well and complete a very effective senior team. They are both outstanding teachers who provide excellent role models for other staff’

  • ‘Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ work and behaviour, and pupils respond to this’

  • ‘The quality of teaching is good throughout. The quality of teachers’ marking is a particular strength’

  • ‘The school offers a well-designed curriculum that is continually developing. It is enriched, for example by its focus on languages, outdoor learning and the wide range of clubs that enhance provision’

  • ‘Pupils take great pride in their work, and exercise books are beautifully presented’

  • ‘The school’s senior leaders are supported well by an effective group of other leaders, of subjects and of special education needs.

  • ‘Pupils play well together and enjoy each other’s company’

  • ‘There is little bullying at the school and pupils trust that staff will deal with issues promptly when they arise’

  • ‘Teaching Assistants are well-informed and have a strong impact on ensuring pupils are able to achieve well’

  • ‘Governance is effective because governors are committed to the school, are very keen for it to improve and have a realistic understanding of its current stage of development’

  • ‘Governors…are provided with a range of useful information and…they use it to monitor spending of the pupil premium grant effectively.’

  • ‘Strong relationships are evident in classrooms and throughout the school’

  • ‘Early Years Provision is good. The school offers a high quality early years learning environment and children enjoy coming to school’

  • (In Early Years) ‘Children are given good opportunities to follow their own interests independently as well as working in adult-led groups’

  • ‘A group of Year 6 boys told the Lead Inspector that it is ‘cool to learn’ at Littleport.


I would like to thank staff for all of their hard work, and the whole school community for their commitment and support for the school since the last Inspection - onwards and upwards!


John Cattermole